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The vast majority of people believe that the good education beyond high school is essential to get well-paid jobs and even hold the key to a brilliant future. Actually, it is compulsory way to become a well-qualified person in today’s changing world. That is why i agree with this view. To start with, in my view, continuing education beyond high school to make us want to give basic knowledge and skills of the profession. As well as a good education, profession teaches you ways to make it better. What is more, A good education carries us to well positions such as the general manager or executive manager. This means it would be a great carrier which furnish dreams for everyone. So, we have to remember that we must study hard and regularly for this. On the other hand, there are some discussion about an education beyond high school. Some people who want to continue the family business, may not need continuing education.For İnstance,  the son of a merchant, by learning business in the workplace could have a profession and there is no need for this to take education beyond high school. That is why some people think that it is not necessary to get education beyond high school. All in all, If you want to have well-paid jobs such as general manager, engineer or lecturer you will have to get good education beyond high school, but if not you do not need to take such a long time education.

Ielts Sınavı (Essay Writing )

Dear Sir/Madam, I am writing in response to the article to your magazine  in order to explain why we feel the article is not representative in our country. My fellow students and I wish to express our views about the article. First of all, the main reason of this the comments in your article is not common in our country as yours. Because of our education system is closed system to review and criticism. Such a large number of people in Turkey are dissatisfied with the common educational curriculum.Due to the rote schooling, students in Turkey have very weak ability to interpret. Secondly, it certainly is true that the vast majority student in our country access information intended by the shortest way. It is very hard for us to interpret and synthesize information or knowledge. For instance ,when you ask a question to any student about a subject heart responds to you immediately, but if you ask your student to analyze and interpret the respond, he or she is unable to do it due to the lackness of synthesizing information. Therefore, a significant percentage of students in our country is insufficient concern explication. Some of these reasons what i have written above. To conclude,  we wish our article has given you the necessary response your article and you find it subjective. We look forward to reading more objective reporting in future issues. Yours faithfully, ERHAN ACAR

Ielts Sınavı (Essay Writing )


İt has been a long time i have not read a fantastic novel. Years ago, the book i read that was named ‘The Lord of The Rings – The Fellowship of the Ring’ had been the most fantastic novel i have ever read. This novel which was written by J.R.R. TOLKİEN had been selected as the best seller of the world and i had opportunity to watch its movie on screen as well. The Fellowship of the Ring was the first book of a series of novel ‘The Lord of The Rings’ and was telling the struggle between good and evil. Frodo Baggings, the main character of novel was a hobbit and a ring bearer. Frodo living in the third age lost his father at a young age, was adopted by his uncle. His uncle was the one who knows elves traditions and language very well, better educated and was adventurous too much for a hobbit. After many years, Frodo’s uncle will no longer bear the ring and make decision to entrust this ring to his nephew Frodo and irreversible adventure will begin for him. At this time, Frodo meets the sorcerer Gandalf Bilboda and he sends expedition to ring him immediately. Frodo had only one duty and it was to find that ring and return to Wizard Gandalf.  But Frodo destroying the ring and went to back shire and headed for the immortal realm Amanda. The movie i watched and the characters in this book i read were extremely unusual and also likeable. Therefore , it is worth both reading its book and watching the movie so i can highly recommend to my fellow students.


Ielts Sınavı (Essay Writing )



In the vast of majority of society, there is a long-term intimate relationships and wants to maintain that relationship until his or her death. For this reason, some points are so important to intimate friendships. Firstly, your friend should be honest with you, be outspoken and certainly insightful and trust at all times.  When looking for these types of features but so long time since your friend must have known. For this reason, your friend’s attitudes and behavior towards you is the most significant criterion. Only in this way, your friend can be chosen right. On the other hand, however, we have to remember that there are some negative aspects of friendships. For instance, your friend can act as a negative such as telling a lie against you.But if your friend accept his or her failure and apologize to you and if you forgive him or her, you will continue from where it left off friendly relations. Otherwise,  you will end your relationship and compensation hard consequences. To sum up, when choosing your friend have to recognize the good and bad points and determine your manner accordingly. Thus you can have your choice of friends so that you do it right.


Ielts Sınavı (Essay Writing )

Ielts Sınavı (Essay Writing )To: İbrahim Şahin From: Erhan Acar Subject: Turkey’s living standards and conditions. Date: 1 January 2014 İntroduction The main purpose of this report is to provide some points of positive and negative aspects of life in Turkey. Poverty     As we all know, poverty is one of the most significant issues around the world and Turkey also has been affected by it. Due to the globalization, some recent events have encountered people worldwide. İn parallel with the increasing number of the world rich in significant increases in poverty were  observed. This is to the enrichment of certain groups, the impoverishment of large sections of the people has caused. For example, a company director while earning 10000 dollars per month an ordinary employee can not even win 1000 dollars. As a result of it, some companies enriched in Turkey, the vast majority of people faced with poverty. Equal Oppurtunities    Various job oppurtunities should be created in order to cope with poverty. For instance, İn Turkey Some company owners by investing in various sectors of the business owner can make people and governments can support it. İf this is done, the unemployment problem is largely overcome. Attitudes towards animals Animals are living as human beings created by God. They are just like humans in need of love and compassion. But unfortunately this approach is not settled in Turkey. Most of the people in turkey mistreat animals and hurt them. However, this attitude must be changed immediately and turned into a lasting love.