Phrasal Verbs

Phrasal Verbs Konusu

Phrasal Verbs Hakkında Bilgi 

1  –  Ielts Sınavı ( Ielts Sınavı için birebir Özel Ders )
2 –  Ielts Sınavı ( Ielts Sınavı için 4 kişilik Grup Dersi )

Ielts Sınavında başarıya giden yol Ielts Akademik Eğitimden Geçer

1. My son grows so fast that he doesn’t
ever ….. his shoes …. Before he needs
new ones.

A) put / off
B) take / up
C) try / on
D) wear / out
E) tie / up

2. As I was a stranger to the district, the
bus driver promised to tell me when to
…….. .

A) hold on
B) put out
C) get off
D) run across
E) take in

3. Maria ….. her overtime payments to pay
off the loan on her flat, so when her
employer cut back her hours, she had to
find a weekend job.

A) got over
B) counted on
C) put across
D) looked after
E) kept out

4. The dance was really for members of
the club, but after the meal, the owner
invited the staff to …… the fun.

A) do over
B) set out
C) join in
D) look up
E) lay down

5. Jersey potatoes …… 68 percent of the
island’s agricultural output.

A) make up
B) blow up
C) grow up
D) pick up
E) show up

6. Even if today’s government in
Argentina …… public spending
heavily, it cannot hope to say back
more than a third of the interest on
its debt, let alone repay the sum it

A) grows out of
B) catches up with
C) makes up for
D) gets on with
E) cuts down on

7. Over the next three years, the Centre
for Organic Agriculture is …… trials
with local farmers in England designed
to improve production on organic farms.

A) breaking out
B) keeping out
C) looking out
D) carrying out
E) letting out

8. You are not really supposed to ….. the
farmer’s field, but if you do, it will save
you at least ten minutes.

A) go with
B) flood in
C) look after
D) take over
E) cut across

9. The polive officers chased the
pickpocket, but he managed to
……. .

A) get away
B) go after
C) put off
D) run down
E) come across

10. I’m looking forward to my day off so
much that I don’t even care if it …… all
day. I am determined to enjoy myself.

A) breaks into
B) clears up
C) pours down
D) gets out
E) floods in


11. I can’t believe that after all the chances
I have given her, she has …… me ……
again and has decided to quit her work

A) brought / down
B) let / down
C) slowed / down
D) settled / down
E) knocked / down

12. Birmingham City Council had to ……
the International Badminton Championships
because a lot of the competitors came from
countries affected by the SARS virus.

A) go down
B) drop in
C) put out
D) show round
E) call of

13. If I lose any more weight, I will either
have to buy some new skirts or ….. my
old ones …… .

A) get / off
B) break / in
C) take /in
D) count / on
E) live /on

14. After we pay our rent and bills, we
don’t have enough money to ….. .

A) switch off
B) hold up
C) check in
D) live on
E) run into

15. His father said that he wouldn’t …… his
bad behaviour any longer, and if he didn’t
start to show his parents some respect, he
would have to find somewhere else to live

A) go in for
B) put up with
C) come up against
D) look down on
E) run out of

16. I like to walk to appointments in the
city and I walk so fast that no one can
……. me.

A) keep up with
B) come up against
C) make up for
D) get on with
E) run out of

17. The receptionist said that she was ……
me …… to Doctor Williams and then
she cut me off.

A) thinking / over
B) putting / off
C) putting / through
D) cutting / across
E) passing / away

18. I think I’m the only one among all my
friends who still smokes. Everyone else
who used to smoke has …… the habit.

A) made up
B) given up
C) showed up
D) taken up
E) grown up

19. It is such a wonderful opportunity. You
would be a fool to ……it …….. .

A) settle / down
B) break / down
C) close / down
D) cut / down
E) turn / down

20. My sister is so lazy that I’m sure if her
bedroom were on fire, she would call
me to ask whether I could come round
her house and …… it ……. for her.

A) bring / up
B) wait / on
C) keep / off
D) put / out
E) hand /in

Pharasal Verbs Hakkında Bilgi

21. Jackie …… anyone in the company who
is not in a managerial position, which
is strange considering that she started
with them ten years ago as a receptionist.

A) looks down on
B) catches up with
C) cuts down on
D) makes up for
E) grows out of

22. Hilary ……. to become a gymnast and
she is still really active and sporty.

A) turned off
B) grew up
C) handed out
D) put on
E) brought in

23. Not everyone ……. summer. Some
people hate the hot weather and suffer
from allergies and sunburn.

A) looks forward to
B) looks down on
C) catches up with
D) goes down with
E) gets out of

24. The researchers concluded that when
young people feel obliged to ……
harrasment or to act in certain ways,
this stops them from developing properly.

A) run out of
B) get in touch with
C) make up for
D) get on withj
E) put up with

25. Ana likes her new school because the
teachers have patience with her,
whereas at her old school, they would
constantly ……. the mistakes she made
because of her inadequate English.

A) get off
B) look after
C) point out
D) put away
E) set out

26. The child was …… by a truck on the
safety crossing in the main street.

A) brought up
B) knocked down
C) let in
D) broken into
E) run out of

27. Some people like to ……. Their material
wealth, such as their car sor expensive
jevellery, hoping others will notice them.

A) show off
B) leave out
C) turn up
D) provide for
E) think over

28. In 1956, Floyd Paterson became the
heavyweight boxing champion of the
world when he ….. Archie Moore in
the fifth round in Chicago.

A) laid off
B) burned out
C) counted on
D) knocked out
E) got over

29. Oh, look! Mum has fainted. Perhaps
she’ll …… if we throw water on her face.

A) bring up
B) get off
C) grow out
D) put down
E) come round

30. Nowadays, desktop publishing is used
to …… publishing tasks that would
otherwise require much more
complicated equipment and human effort.

A) go in for
B) carry out
C) take after
D) keep up with
E) try on

31. I was just about to give up hope when
a messenger ….. with the welcome
news that everyone was safe.

A) put out
B) ran into
C) got away
D) cut across
E) turned up

32. The troops were not able to …… the
rebellion as easily as was expected.
A) cross out
B) set out
C) turn up
D) put down
E) break up

33. I bought these new boots without ……
them ……., and now I feel that they are a
bit tight.

A) walking / off
B) trying / on
C) running / up
D) bearing / up
E) letting / down

34. Though Felix wants to be a doctor, it’s
doubtful that he has the discipline to
……. medical school – he’s definitely
clever, but it’s hard to imagine him
studying when his friends are having
a good time.

A) find out
B) drop off
C) go with
D) get through
E) turn up

35. I know I haven’t been very productive
at work this week because of my
sister’s wedding, but I promise that I’ll
……. this loss next week.

A) take part in
B) grow out of
C) put pressure on
D) put up with
E) make up for

36. The houses badly damaged in
the earthquake will be …….
because they are threatening the
safety of the residents of the neighbourhood.

A) pulled down
B) put out
C) broken down
D) handed out
E) thrown away

37. His mother is worried about Jeff, who
travels froms one country to another all
the time, and she wonders if he will
ever …… .

A) break out
B) settle down
C) drop off
D) turn out
E) go over

38. With her pink evening gown, Jane
really …… among so many girls
at the end of term party.

A) set off
B) called up
C) stood out
D) got away
E) counted on

39. The Ministry of the Enviroment has
made no attempts to …… car emissions
and is being criticised by enviromental
groups for failing to set targets.

A) drop off
B) get down
C) cut down on
D) find out
E) get away

40. The rules ……. by the headmaster
following the escape of the two boys
are a bit too harsh, don’t you think?

A) laid down
B) turned off
C) broken into
D) looked around
E) put off

Pharasal Verbs Hakkında Bilgi

41. After suffering an injury to his knee
playing football, he was advised to
……. another sport.

A) bring down
B) pick up
C) take up
D) close down
E) slow down

42. Sooner or later, your child is going to
……. cigarettes and alcohol, so they
need to learn from you how to keep
themselves safe and healthy.

A) come across
B) throw away
C) look down
D) go with
E) take after

43. Le Ceppaia is an Italian spaghetti ….
durum wheat, then coloured and
flavoured with cuttlefish ink, known as

A) cut down
B) blown up
C) brought out
D) settled down
E) made from

44. The boats in this year’s Oxford against
Campbridge University boat race ……
from Putney Bridge in London on
6th April , at 4.30 p.m.

A) called on
B) set off
C) showed into
D) dropped out
E) left out

45. My day with my relatives in Canada
…… to be very special and I was glad
that I had got in touch with them.

A) turned over
B) turned up
C) turned down
D) turned out
E) turned around

46. Many of the 700 islands and 2,000 cays
that ……. the Bahamas are either
uninhabited or have only small-scale
tourist developments.

A) make up
B) take up
C) set up
D) turn up
E) show up

47. A Coca-Cola bottling plant in south
India was …… three years ago in the
middle of the fertile agricultural land,
and it has caused harm to the enviroment
ever since.

A) seen off
B) brought up
C) taken on
D) set up
E) put through

48. David has always enjoyed motorcycling
as a young man, but he …… it ……. in
1970 because of family commitments.

A) settled / down
B) gave / up
C) let / out
D) handed / out
E) took / on

49. We didn’t have time to write the plan
because evaluating all the possible
alternatives ……. too much time.

A) turned round
B) brought out
C) showed off
D) came across
E) took up

Pharasal Verbs Hakkında Bilgi
50. The idea of all matter being made of

atoms first ……. Leucippus of Miletus
of ancient Greece in the 5th century BC.

A) put forward
B) threw up
C) occured to
D) lived up to
E) talked out.