– Ing noun clauses

– Ing noun clauses

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Ing noun clauses

– Ing noun clauses

Some that – clauses can also be expressed as – ing noun clauses :


I regret that I married the wrong man.
I regret           marrying the wrong man.

As seen , we can reduce that clauses to the – ing noun clauses by omitting that and subject and using – ing form of the verb.

Some – ing noun clauses require a preposition :


The bank manager insists that he sees you now.
The bank manager insists              on seeing you now.

An – ing noun clause can often replace a noun infinitive clause :

He forgot to switch off the lights.
He forgot about switching off the lights.

Both these sentences mean he forgot that he must / should / switch off the light.

Exercise 1. Rewrite these sentences , changing the that – clauses into infinitive clauses.

1 ) I forgot that I was told to inform you.
I forgot to inform you.
2 ) He forgot that he should take his driving licence with him.
3 ) She remembered that she should pay her electricity bill this week.
4 ) You forgot that you should sign the form.
5 ) They forgot that they were told to leave their cameras outside the museum.

That – clauses are often used when questioning things :

Are you sure that she ‘ s wearing a wig ?
Is it a fact that Columbus discovered America ?
Is it definite that the President is coming to Turkey ?
Is it true that olive cures every disease except the one you ‘ re going to die off ?

Exercise 2. Question the following statements in this way , using one of the four types of questions above.

1 ) The concert starts at 7 . 15 ?
Are you sure that the concert starts at 7 . 15 ?
2 ) The murder took place at midnight.
3 ) The President of Ruritania wears pink bed socks.
4 ) There will be a question on noun clauses in the exam.
5 ) Doberman Pincher dogs go mad when they reach the age of nine.
6 ) Travelling by helicopter is safe.
7 ) English is an easy language to learn.
8 ) This is the right bus.
9 ) The forest fire was caused by someone dropping a cigarette end.
10 ) They stayed at the Hilton Hotel for a fortnight.

Exercise 3 . Join sentences together , using a that – clause inserted into the main clause as in the example. Start all your sentences with ‘ The fact that ………. ‘

1 ) The dictator ruled so harshly. It caused the revolution.
The fact that the dictator ruled so harshly caused the revolution.
2 ) You failed the exam. That has worried me a lot.
3 ) He is usually late for work. It might end in his dismissal.
4 ) Müjde won a scholarship . It delighted her parents.
5 ) He has been given promotion. It shows they recognise his ability.
6 ) He phones her every week. It shows how much he cares.

Exercise 4. Maket he following sentences rather more formal with that – clauses instead of – ing noun clauses.

1 ) I cant remember seeing her before.
I cant remember that I saw her before.
2 ) Dont you remember locking the door ?
3 ) He didnt admit saying what he said.
4 ) We remember paying for the drinks.
5 ) The man denied stealing the money.
6 ) He insisted on searching all night for the dog.
7 ) They agreed on calling a truce.
8 ) They dont agree with giving money to beggars.
9 ) He admitted being wrong.
10 ) She acknowledged receiving the letter.
11 ) He admitted breaking the window.


– Ing noun clauses