Inversion ( Devrik Cümleler )

 Inversion ( Devrik Cümleler )

Inversion ( Devrik Cümleler ) Hakkında Bilgi ve Alıştırmalar

 1  –  Ielts Sınavı ( Ielts Sınavı için birebir Özel Ders )
2 –  Ielts Sınavı ( Ielts Sınavı için 4 kişilik Grup Dersi )

Ielts sınavı için hazırlanan adaylara mutlaka gerekli olan inversion konusunda hazırlanan bu bilgilerin yararlı olması dileğiyle

Inversion is the changing of the normal word order of a sentence, especially the position of the subject and the verb. It is the usually in question form. It can also be used to create special emphasis. Inversion is generally occurs in formal speech and writing.
It is not common in informal speech.

a. In if a clauses the ‘if’ omitted and should, were or had is placed at the beginning of the sentence:

Should you wish to reconsider your decision, I would like you to get in touch with me again.
= If you should reconsider your decision, ………..

Were he in your position I know he would take advantage of the situation.
= If he were in your position,………

Had I know that the plane was built in 1956, I would have hired a car and driven all the way.
= If I had known that the plane was built in 1956,………

b. Some adverbs expressing place, such as, here, there, at, up, alone can be used at the beginning of a sentence to make inversion. The verb comes before the subject if the adverb begins the sence.

Here stands the teacher during the lessons.
= The teacher stands during the lessons.

Here lies my grandmother. (said in a graveyard)
= My grandmother lies here.

There stands Atatürk statue.
= Atatürk’s statue stands there.

Up went the balloon into the sky.
= The balloon went in to the sky

Along the beach came the surfers.
= The surfers came along the beach.

c.Inversion is necessary if a negative adverb or (one with a negative meaning) begins the sentence.

Never can I forget you.
= I can never forget you.

Not only does their mother cook fort hem, she also cleans.
= Their mother’s cooks and cleans for them.

No sooner had we started dinner than the telephone rang.
= As soon as we had started dinner than the telephone rang.
NOTE: The verb is always in the past perfect in ‘no sooner’

Under no circumstances should you get into a stranger’s car.
= You shouldn’t get into a stranger’s car.

Seldom have I met such a rude person.
= I have seldom met such a rude person.

Hardly had she sat down when the baby woke up.
= She had just sat down when the baby woke up.

Other expressions followed by an inversion are:

barely, rarely, scarcely, ever, little, never again, never before, nor, not only, stil less, etc.

d. after phrases with only:

Only by making an appointment can you see the doctor.
= When you want to see the doctor, you must make an appointment.

Only after eating your lunch, can you go out and play.
=First you must eat your lunch, then you can go out and play.

Other expressions:

Only then, only when, only ……..etc.

e. After so+adjective

So easy is this questions, that everybody can answer it.
= This question is very easy everybody can aswer it.

Other expressions:

so unusual, etc.

f. İnversion with the verbs live and stand

Live and stand can be used in inversion in formal writing.
The time expression now can be used in inversion with the verb to be.

In this house lived Ismet İnönü.
On the hill stands Kadifekale.
Now is the worst time to buy a house.

g. Inversion can be used for emphasis with the verbs come and go.

Here comes trouble!
= I wont be able to go on holiday because of something.


Exercises 1. Rewrite the following sentences to create greater emphasis by making an inversion in the conditional clause.

1 )  If you were the wife of a famous man, you would be forever in the public eye.
Were you the wife of a famous man you would be forever in the public eye.

2 )  If the government were able to reduce the crime rate, everybody would feel more at ease.

3 )  If I had received an official invitation, I would undoubtedly have gone to the Royal Premier.

4 )  If helicopters were less dangerous, I would buy one for my personel use.

5 )  If you should fail your driving test, you can retake it as many times as you want.

6 )  If it hadnt been fort he fact that Mr Hasan Yıldırım was so tall, he would have been rather less noticeable.

7 )  If you had read the questions properly, you would certainly have passed the exam.

8 )  If Mr Sabancı had realised at the interview how brilliant you are at crossword puzzles, he would definitely have given you the job.

9 )  If the maid were not so lazy, she would wash the dishes instead of giving them to the dog to lick clean.

10 )  If you should require my help, you may call me any time of the day or night.

Exercise 2.  Rewrite these sentences by making an inversion, using the adverbs in brackets.

1 )  I cant go out until I’ve finished my homework. (not till)
Not till I’ve finished my homework can I go out.

2 )  I had never before seen such a beautiful place. (never before)

3 ) Our team not only won the football match, the won the championship. (not only)

4 )  Şengül and Murat dont understand their teacher. (nor)

5 )  She doesnt often see her family. (rarely)

6 )  He was only able to pass his exams by studying hard every night. (only)

7 )  This button must not be pressed on any account. (on no account)

8 )  Mehmet became so ill that he almost die. (so)

9 )  He had hardly sat down when the phone rang. (hardly)

10 )  She can only sleep at night when she knows all the doors are locked. (only then)

11 )  Cornflakes arent sold anywhere in this town. (nowhere)

12 )  The old man scarcely ever leaves his houes. (scarcely ever)

13 )  The water is seldom cut off in our area. (seldom)

14 )  Officials never make things easy. (never)

15 )  Murat had no friends and he didnt want any. (nor)

16 )  The country has scarcely ever witnessed such a great victory. (scarcely ever)

17 )  He barely managed to save enough money for his bills. (barely)

18 )  The church stands there, in the centre of the town. (there)

19 )  The train comes! (here)

20 )  The largest tree in this city grows. (here)


Inversion ( Devrik Cümleler )Exercise 3. Complete the sentences with one of the items given completing the sentence best.

1 ) ……….. got into the bath when the phone rang.
a) Hardly have I
b) Hardly had I
c) Hardly had
d) Hardly I

2 )  Rarely  ………….. with sincerity.
a) politicians do
b) they do speak
c) do politicians
d) do politicians speak

3 )  So ……………… that few people pass the entrance exam.
a) difficult it is
b) difficult is it
c) difficult
d) it is difficult

4 )  ……………….. I would have laughed.
a) I had known
b) Would I known
c) If I knew
d) Had I known

5 )  On no account ………………. early.
a) you may leave
b) you cant leave
c) may you leave
d) you leave

 Behind him …………………
a) stood the thief
b) the thief
c) is standing the thief
d) stood him

7 ) ……………………… did China win the gold medal but the silver too.
a) Once in a while
b) Not only
c) Neither
d) Never

8 ) Only when threatened ………………… humans.
a) wolves will attack
b) most wolves will attack
c) will most wolves attack
d) will attack wolves

9 )  ………………….. is her wealth that she need never work again.
a) Not only
b) Such
c) Rarely
d) Hardly

10 )  ………………………me, I’ll be at home.
a) Should you need
b) You should need
c) You need
d) If need


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