Modals Gerçeği, Modals Nedir

Modals Hakkında Bilgi Ve Modals Kullanımı

 1  –  Ielts Sınavı ( Ielts Sınavı için birebir Özel Ders )
2 –  Ielts Sınavı ( Ielts Sınavı için 4 kişilik Grup Dersi )

1-20. sorularda,cümlede boş bırakılan  yerlere uygun düşen sözcük ya da  ifadeyi bulunuz.

1. She ….. for Paris as she was planning,     because I saw her yesterday.

A) needn’t have left
B) hadn’t been leaving

C) shouldn’t have left

D) didn’t use to leave

E) must not have left

2. We’re lost because you …….. right at the      last corner as I told you.

A) should have turned
B) would turn
C) are turning

D) must have turned

E) might have turned

3. I’m so glad that I ………. to the meeting     place on time yesterday despite the     heavy traffic, or the boss would have     been really annoyed.

A) have got
B) was able to get

C) used to get

D) should have got

E) have to get

4. I ……… the same computer program when     I worked at a bank, so it…….. easy for     met o adjust to this new job.

A) should be using / could be
B) must have used / must be

C) need to use / would be

D) used to use / should be

E) might have used / can be

5. When we went to Japan,we ……     anything for ourselves because our     Japanese hosts took care of anything.

A) mustn’t have done
B) needn’t have done

C) didn’t need to do

D) couldn’t have done

E) ought not to do

6. The doctor is not certain, but he thinks      an allergic reaction to something ……      my skin rash and will do some tests.

A) was able to cause
B) should have caused
C) might have caused
D) will have been causing

E) used to cause

7. While there seem  to be plenty of     unexploited petroleum reserves, some     experts worry that there …. enough to     carry us through the next century.

A) had beter not be
B) haven’t been

C) didn’t use to be

D) don’t have to be

E) may not be.

8. Sally…… Italian like a native,but since     she moved to India, she has forgotten     most of it.

A) has been speaking
B) had spoken

C) was supposed to speak

D) used to speak
E) must have spoken

9. Looking back on my life, I can see there     are a lot of things I …….. differently.

A) might do
B) must have done

C) ought to have done

D) have had to do
E)  should be doing

10. Where have you been ? You ……. here at        2 o’clock, and it’s almost 3.

A) must have been
B) were supposed to be

C) were able to be

D) are going to be

E) have been



  11. The old player is now nostalgic for the       days when he ….. in one of the world’s        biggest teams.

A) might be playing B) was playing C) has been playing D) would be playing E) could be playing

12. Do you think Jeff ……. to join us on our       hike? Does he like this sort of activity ?
A) would rather B) was able C) has been able D) had better E) would like

13. By law, people ……. Seat belts in cars,       which is good, as it reduces the number       of fatal accidents.
A) have to wear B) could be wearing C) would wear D) had been wearing E) should have worn

14. We …….. sure we have plenty of change        because no one will change a 100-dollar        note for a small fare.
A) could be making B) had made C) had beter make D) used to make E) were making

15. What’s Miss Grant doing here ?       According to our schedule, she       …… with our suppliers in London       at the moment.
A) has negotiated B) was negotiating C) will have negotiated D) should be negotiating E) may negotiate

16. This steak is a little undercooked for my       taste. ………. Putting it back under the gril       for another five minutes ?
A) why don’t you B) Do you mind if I C) Would you like D) Do you prefer E)  Would you mind

17. Our plane ……. İn Cairo hours ago, but we       haven’t even taken off from Heathrow yet.

A) was supposed to land B) must have landed C) ought to be landing D) will have landed E) might be landing.

18. Hey, watch where you are going! You       ……. me !

A) could have killed B) should have killed C) have killed D) will have killed E)  used to kill

19. A person …… a fear of something quite       harmless if he …… it with a condition       that is threatening.

A) is developing / associated B) may develop / associates C) has developed / would associate D) was developing / had associated E) developed / should associate

20. He …… as carefully as he claimed he       was. Why did he bump into the lamp       post then ?
A) doesn’t have to drive
B) isn’t supposed to drive C) can’t have been driving D) shouldn’t have driven E) won’t have been driving




21-25. sorularda, verilen cümleyi uygun şekilde tamamlayan ifadeyi bulunuz.

21. Though the insurance is expensive, …… .

A) I wouldn’t waste my hard-earned money      on it B) you’d be beter of putting money in a     bank C) so everything has gone up in price      recently D) it might save you a lot more than it really      should E) it stil costs a lot of more than it really      should

22. …… , eating lots of sugar needn’t       always be harmful to your teeth .

A) Providing you brush them regularly B) As certain sweets are sometimes      irresistable C) Although only a small amount is  found      in vegetables D) When you visited the dentist for a       check-up E) Because of the bacteria it causes

23. It is more important to realise that you must       spend many years studying hard …… .

A) so it’s better tol ive in the country where      the language is spoken B) if you wish to really master a second      language C) yet you were still able to learn both      languages well D) if only you had studied harder when you       had the chance E) since you can speak the language just       like a native

24. ……. because the whole site is very badly       labelled.

A) Visitors are allowed accessto every part       of the ancient city B) The ruins hadn’t met our expectations. C) The council must have listened to the      tourists’ complaints D) You should purchase a guide book      before visiting that monument. E) There was no one we could as for further information

25. ……, whereas drinking hot milk can help      you to sleep.
A) You shouldn’t drive when you’re tired
B) Tea and coffee contain caffeine C) Milk should be kept cool in the fridge D) you had getting trouble to sleep E) Coffee may keep you awake at night

26-29. sorularda, verilen cümleye anlamca en yakın olan cümleyi bulunuz.

26. One of them must be being dishonest       as their stories about the accident       contradict each other.

A) They can’t both be telling the truth       since they’re giving opposing accounts       about the accident. B) Neither of them is likely to give us an      accurate account about what happened      in the crash. C) If they are giving contradicting stories      about the accident, then bot hare lying. D) Since they can’t seem to agree on a      story, they’ve definitely been lying      about the crash. E) They’re arguing about what happened      in the crash , but apparently, neither      story is true.

27. You can’t have written this paper        yourself because the English is perfect.

A) You didn’t write the paper in perfect      English because you are not able to. B) It is  not possible for this paper to be      your own work because you are unable      to write such flawless English. C) The English in this paper is so good      that I know you must have worked      hard on it. D) You must not have worked very hard       on this paper, or the English would        have been perfect. E) No one would have thought that you      were capable of writing such good       English.

28. It’s possible that the company lost the       order because of the salesman’s rudeness.

A) The salesman’s lack of politeness may      have caused the company’s loss of the order. B) The salesman was so rude that the      company failed to get the order. C) Maybe the salesman became rude      when he realised that the company       lost the order. D) The company must have lost the order       because the salesman was so rude. E) If the salesman hadn’t been rude, the     company wouldn’t have lost the order.

29. It was unnecessary for you to come to  the office in person.

A) You don’t necessarily have to come to  the office.

B) Nobody must ever bring personal friends to the Office.
C) The work necessiated every person in
 the Office to come punctually.
D) You needn’t have come to the office
E) You should not confide your personal
problems to anyone in the office.



30-32. sorularda, verilen İngilizce cümleye anlamca en yakın Türkçe  cümleyi bulunuz.

30. Some educationalists argue that a child       should start learning a foreign language       at primary school.

A) Bazı eğitimciler, yabancı dil eğitiminin ilkokulda başlaması gerektiği görüşüne karşı çıkmaktadırlar.
B) Çocuğun ilkokulda yabancı dil
öğrenmesinin gerekip gerekmediği konusu bazı eğitimciler arasında      tartışmalara neden olmaktadır.
C) Bazı eğitimciler , çocuğun yabancı dil
öğrenmeye ilkokulda başlaması  gerektiğini ileri sürmektedirler.
D) Bazı ilkokullarda yabancı dil eğitimine
başlanması, eğitimciler arasında      tartışılmaktadır.
E) Çocuğun yabancı dil öğrenmeye
     ilkokulda başlaması gerektiğini      savunan pek çok eğitimci vardır.

31. Naturally, a person would prefer to       make friends with people who accept       him as he is.

A) İnsanın kendine yakın bulduğu kişilerle      arkadaşlık etmek istemesi çok doğaldır. B) Doğal olan, insanın arkadaşlarını      olduğu gibi kabul etmesidir. C) Doğal olarak kişi, kendini olduğu gibi      kabul eden insanlarla arkadaşlık etmeyi      tercih eder. D) Doğal olarak gelişen arkadaşlıklar kişi      için çok daha değerlidir. E) İnsanın kendini olduğu gibi kabul      ettiremediği kişilerle arkadaşlık etmesi      doğal değildir.

32. People with recurrent ear infections       should take certain measures while       having bath or swimming.

A) Sık sık enfeksiyona yakalanmamak için       yıkanırken ya da yüzerken bazı       tedbirler alınmalıdır. B) Kişi sık sık kulak enfeksiyonu      geçiriyorsa, yıkanırken ve yüzerken       bazı tedbirler almalıdır. C) Kulak enfeksiyonuna sık yakalanan      kişiler, mutlaka önlem olarak yıkanmalı      ya da yüzmelidirler. D) Sık kulak enfeksiyonu geçiren kişiler,      yıkanırken ya da yüzerken bazı      tedbirler almalıdırlar. E) Sık kulak enfeksiyonu geçirmek,      kişileri yıkanırken ya da yüzerken bazı      önlemler almaya zorlar.

33-35. sorularda, verilen Türkçe  cümleye anlamca en yakın İngilizce  cümleyi bulunuz.

33. Şeker hastalığı olan insanların yaklaşık       yüzde ellisi için tek başına diyet,       hastalığı kontrol altına alamamaktadır.

A) Almost half of the people who suffer       from diabetes can not control it by diet       alone. B) Fifty percent of people cannot be      successfully treated for diabetes      without the use of drugs. C) For people with diabetes, diet alone      can only control the disease by      approximately fifty percent. D) Roughly fifty percent of people with      diabetes can keep it under control by       regulating their diet. E) For approximately fifty percent of the      people with diabetes, diet alone cannot      keep the disease under control.

34. Her karşılaşmamızda kilomla ilgili       olarak bana takılmamanı rica ederdim.

A) I’d prefer it if you didn’t mention my      weight problem every time you see me. B) I’d rather you didn’t tease me about my      weight every time we meet. C) Every time we meet, you teae me      about my weight,which annoys me. D) Would you mind not teasing me about      my weight whenever we meet ? E) I would rather not listen to your jokes      about my weight every time you see      me.

35. Su kayağında, kayakçının ayakta       kalabilmesi için teknenin hızı       saatte 15 mil olmalıdır.

A) A water-skier can stay up on his skis      only if the boat’s speed remains over       15 miles per hour. B) In water-skiing, the boat must reach      speeds of over 15 miles per hour in      order for the skier to get up on his      skis. C) In water-skiing, if the boat’s speed      drops below 15 miles per hour,      the skier won’t be able to stay up. D) In water skiing, the boat’s speed must      be at least 15 miles per hour in order      for the skier to stay up. E) In water-skiing, the boat that pulls the     skier up usually travels at a minimum     of 15 miles per hour.



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