Noun Clause devamı

Noun Clause Devamı

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Noun Clause devamı

Question – word noun clauses functioning as a subject
Study the table.

Noun Clauses ( Subject )
What                  they will do
they will do it

How often
What time
When                  they will do it     doesnt interest me.
Whether / if

How many books       they will need
How much money     
they will need

Which car                    they will use                      doesnt concern me.
Whose car                   
they will use

That i if / whether – clauses functioning as an object
Study the tables.

MAIN CLAUSE                    NOUN CLAUSES ( OBJECT )

           tells me
He      thinks           ( that )            they will go  

I dont know              if 
I wonder                   whether      they will go.
Please tell me 

Question – word noun clauses functioning as an object

                                  MAIN CLAUSE                                                NOUN CLAUSE ( OBJECT )
         I dont know           what time                                                  I am going to see her.
            how often

           what                                                             they will do.
       I wonder                  who ( m )                                                     they will meet.
           which dress                                                 
they will choose.

                                       whose help
Please tell me            how much money                                   she will need.
         how many dresses
         how old                                                      
he is.


Further examples :

I dont know if they are coming or not.
I dont know why I havent been told anything.
I dont know whose help you need.
I wonder whether they will put them in the Hilton Hotel or Evim Pansiyon.
I wonder what time their plane arrives.

I wonder which dress I should wear.
I wonder how much they have been paid.
I wonder who is meeting them.
Please tell me what is happening.
Please tell me what you expect of me.
Please let me know how many people to expect.
Please tell me when they are leaving.
You cant guess how old she is.

Question – word noun clauses

Exercise 1. Fill in the blanks in the passage , using a question word orthe conjunction if / whether. 

What a Self – employed Cook Needs to Know

It is possible to organise anything well without adequate in formation. For example , if you have been asked to prepare a meal , you first need to know … 1 … many people are coming. You also need to know … 2 … the menu is – ie … 3 … you are expected to cook , and , if you are also responsible for doing the shopping , you will want to know … 4 … the budget is or , in other words , … 5 … much money you can spend. Obviously you must find out … 6 … time the guests will want to eat but it would be a good idea to enquire … 7 … they will actually arrive so that you can have drinks ready for their arrival. Ask … 8 … any of the guests have special dietary requirements and dont forget to find out … 9 … there are any vegetarians or vegans. Make clear at the outset … 10 … will do the washing – up and cleaning. These sort of domestic arrangments are very important. And you should also negotiate … 11 … you will be paid for your services … 12 … your guests will eat is another important consideration. If the would like to eat outside, you should find out … 13 … the weather forecast is and you must also find out … 14 … there are likely to be many mosquitoes. You may wonder … 15 …. I am advising you to ask so many questions but believe me , …. 16 …. matters most success in life in catering is being very well informed.

Exercise 2. Answer these questions from the passage.

1 ) What do you first need to know if you have been asked to prepare a meal ?
2 ) What is meant by the word menu ?
3 ) What is meant by the word bugdet ?
4 )What should you find out about the eating habbits of the guests ?
5 ) What domestic arrangments are verry important ?
6 ) What should you pay attention to if the guests are going to eat in the garden ?
7 ) What do you think is the most important question to ask ?
8 ) What does the author consider the most important thing for success in life and in catering ?



Noun Clause devamı