Preposition and Prepositional phrases

Preposition and Prepositional Phrases

Preposition and Prepositional pharases hakkında Bilgi ve Alıştırmalar

İngilizce öğrenenlerin özellikle seviyeleri yükseldikçe Preposition and Prepositional phrases hakkında bilgi sahibi olmanın ne denli önemli olduğunu bilir. Bu nedenle, Preposition and Prepositional phrases konusunda hazırlanmış bu deneme sınavının yararlı olacağı şüphesizdir.

 1  –  Ielts Sınavı ( Ielts Sınavı için birebir Özel Ders )
2 –  Ielts Sınavı ( Ielts Sınavı için 4 kişilik Grup Dersi )

Ielts Sınavı için Tek Seçenek Ielts Akademik Eğitim

1-25. sorularda, cümlede boş bırakılan
yerlere uygun düşen sözcük ya da
ifadeyi bulunuz.

1. Are you sure this jacket is different …….
that one ? They look exactly the same
…… me.

A) to / as
B) like / for
C) by / by
D) as / with
E) from / to

2. Don’t tell anyone……. your suspicions,
unless you’re sure …… the facts.

A) to / for
B) from / over
C) of / by
D) about / of
E) at / with

3. There are alvays several soldiers ……
guard …… the President’s residence.

A) to / along
B) by / under
C) on / around
D) for / from
E) with / near

4. If  we go straight …. the park instead of
….. it, it’ll be much quicker.

A) across / on
B) by / at
C) on / along
D) through / round
E) above / by

5. Don’t fill the vase ….. the rim, or the
water will flood …… when we put the
flowers in.

A) up to / out
B) over / about
C) below / in
D) into / over
E) above / round

6. My sister would hate to live ….. the
suburbs …… all the facilities the city
centre offers.

A) between / across
B) in / without
C) at / beyond
D) to / under
E) near / for

7. Considering that she only lives …..
the road ….. me, I don’t see her very often.

A) along / with
B) across / from
C) by / at
D) opposite / to
E) near / into

8. Head office will be able to furnish you
…… the information you require ……
your research.

A) with / for
B) up / of
C) for / at
D) from / about
E) into / with

9. I apologize …… keeping you waiting, but
the traffic …… the motorway was terrible.

A) to / at
B) about / up
C) for / on
D) over / after
E) among / off

10. The conference will start …… Monday
the 5th, and will continue …… the
following Friday.

A) between / and
B) after / since
C) during / by
D) from / to
E) on / until


11. The restaurant is in a village …… five
kilometres….. the main road.

A) about / off
B) at / among
C) along / with
D) to / across
E) in / to

12. When the English first began to
appreciate tea, in the late 17th century,
Chinese tea producers included bowls
for drinking ….. ….. each shipment of

A) from / to
B) by / on
C) into / in
D) up / for
E) out of / with

13. I’m not quite ready to leave yet,but ……
all means, go on ahead of me if you’re
…… a hurry.

A) without / at
B) by / in
C) from / to
D) on / with
E) in / from

14. This report is based …… the company’s
planned expansion …… the next two

A) to / until
B) for / over
C) on / during
D) from / within
E) with / since

15. If you want to swim ….. water, you have
to be good …… holding your breath.

A) below / for
B) into / about
C) in / with
D) under / at
E) above / up

16. The main disadvantage …… living …….
the railway is that it is so noisy.

A) to / near
B) in / for
C) over / in
D) from / with
E) of / beside

17. So far, that man hasn’t said one thing
relevant ….. the topic …… discussion.

A) for / by
B) at / in
C) to / under
D) about / to
E) of / with

18. In order to arrive ….. the station in

good time , you will have to leave
home ….. a few minutes.

A) by / for
B) to / before
C) on / until
D) at /in
E) in / after

19. The chances …… winning the lottery
are quite low as the numvers are picked
….. random and any combination is

A) to / by
B) of / at
C) for / up
D) with / on
E) about / off

20. If I go wearing a suit and everyone else
is wearing jeans, I’ll really look ……

A) out of
B) without
C) under
D) off
E) against


21. We must get this package to the post
office ……. four o’clock ……. the latest or
it won’t leave today.

A) until / in
B) for / by
C) at / from
D) by / at
E) since / of

22. Your father is not ….. your travelling
round the world- he’s just worried …..
your safety.

A) for / of
B) off / for
C) against / about
D) opposite / at
E) over / to

23. Although efficient ……. his dealings …..
the public, he is really considered to be
rather disorganised.

A) for / by
B) at / to
C) on / in
D) about / of
E) in / with

24. I don’t think you can make that judgement
…… the strength ……. only one meeting.
You ought to get to know him better.

A) in / over
B) for / with
C) by / on
D) on / of
E) at / to

25. Don’t file …… those documents just yet
as I need to have another look …… them.

A) up / up
B) off / after
C) in / for
D) aside / with
E) away / at

26-30. sorularda, verilen cümleyi uygun
şekilde tamamlayan ifadeyi bulunuz.

26. They were willing to accept a ride from
anyone …… .

A) who would drive down that dusty
desert road
B) where even the cactuses needed
some water
C) how much they delighted in walking
D) which was located in their neighbourhood.
E) when the col has got deep down into
their bones

27. The music was playing much too
loudly at the pub ….. .

A) for anyone to actually have a
B) as long as we could hear ourselves talk
C) that we had to leave because of the
D) so those at the back could hardly hear
the singer
E) than any concert we’d ever heard

28. ….. how to set the air conditioner’s
self-timing mode.

A) We were really suffering because of
the intense heat
B) Kendra has been trying for ages to
C) Ian made sure to buy one with all the
latest features
D) Kara was such a handy person with
home appliances
E) The whole afternoon, my mother kept
teasing me.

29. …… , no more seats were available.

A) Until extra tickets have gone on sale
B) Whenever Judy takes the bus
C) So long as you don’t mind standing up.
D) Unless you’ve driven there yourself
E) By the time Rick got on the train.

30. One of the ship’s crew asked the
passangers …… .

A) not leaving their luggage unattended
B) could they take their tickets out
C) at which stop they were planning to
D) which drinks are available on the ship
E) that they would reach their destination
before it got dark


31-34. sorularda, verilen cümleye
anlamca en yakın olan cümleyi bulunuz.

31. I envy Gossa , as he seems to
accomplish everything so effortlessly.

A) I wish I could get things done as easily as
Gossa does.
B) Although Gossa does not work paticularly
hard, he seems to learn a lot.
C) Gossa makes everything look easy,
which is not the case for me at all.
D) I am envious of Gossa since he has
accomplished so much.
E) I’m jelaous of Gossa because he
seems to have everything.

32. Barely had the boat passed out of the
harbour than it was struck by an enormous

A) Almost immediately after the boat had
left the harbour, a very large wave
crashed into it.
B) By the time the boat departed from the
harbour, it had already been hit by a
huge wave.
C) The very large wave which smashed
into the boat passed right in front of
the harbour.
D) Ever since the boat has been out of
the harbour, a gigantic wave has been
approaching it.
E) A huge wave collided with the boat just
before it was able to exit the harbour.

33. Until the new ones arrive, there won’t
be enough textbooks for you to have
one each.

A) You’ll have tos hare the textbooks
unless some new ones are delivered.
B) None of you are going to have a
textbook till the new ones are finally
C) There are currently more of you than
there are textbooks, but that will
change when the new ones come.
D) Even when the new textbooks are
sent, there will still be too few of them
for all of you to have a copy.
E) Once the new textbooks have come,
there will be enough to give each of
you more than one if you like.

34. Conn Iggulden was the first author to
have books at the top of the British
fiction and nonfiction charts at the
same time.

A) The first two books by the writer Conn
Iggulden went to the number one position
in Britain on both the fiction and the non-
fiction charts
B) Until Conn Iggulden, nobody had
simultaneously been the bestselling
author of fiction and nonficiton on the
British charts.
C) The British author Conn Iggulden published
his best piece of fiction and his best piece
of nonfiction at the same time.
D) No writer of fiction or nonfiction has
ever been as popular in Britain as
Conn Iggulden once was.
E) As soon as British author Conn Iggulden
had topped the fiction  charts with one
book , he set out to do the same with
the nonfiction charts.

35-37.sorularda, verilen İngilizce
cümleye anlamca en yakın Türkçe
cümleyi bulunuz.

35. Wheat flour is the cereal flour that is
consumed in the greatest quantity

A) Buğday unu, tüm dünyada en fazla
miktarda tüketilen tahıl unudur.
B) Tahıl unları içinde dünyada en yaygın
kullanılanı buğday unudur.
C) Tüm dünyada buğday unu, diğer tahıl
unlarından daha çok tüketilmektedir.
D) Buğday unu, tahıl unları içinde kullanım alanı
en geniş olanıdır.
E) Buğday unu tüm dünyada en kaliteli
tahıl unu olarak kabul edilir.

36. Today, as in the past, most of the world’s
commercial goods are carried by ships.

A) Gerek geçmişte gerekse günümüzde
olsun, ticari mallar büyük ölçüde
gemiyle taşınmaktadır.
B) Bugün gemiler, aynı geçmişte olduğu gibi
geçmişte de gemiyle taşınırdı.
C) Ticari malların çoğu bugün olduğu gibi
geçmişte de gemiyle taşınırdı.
D) Geçmişten günümüze dek, ticari
malların taşınmasında en çok gemiler
E) Geçmişte olduğu gibi bugün de ticari
malların çoğu gemilerle taşınmaktadır.

37. Almost anywhere in the Lake District
of England, one is presented with
romantic scenery.

A) İngiltere’nin Göller Bölgesi romantik
manzaralarla dolu bir yerdir.
B) İngiltere’nin Göller Bölgesi her bir
köşesiyle romantik kişilere hitap etmektedir.
C) İngiltere’nin Göller Bölgesi’ndeki her bir
manzara insana romantizmi yaşatır.
D) İngiltere’nin göller Bölgesi’nin hemen
her yerinde insan romantik bir manzarayla
E) İngiltere’nin Göller Bölgesi, hemen her
yeri romantizm kokan bol manzaralı bir

38-40. sorularda, verilen Türkçe
cümleye anlamca en yakın İngilizce
cümleyi bulunuz.

38. Gayretli ve düzenli çalışma alışkanlığı
olanlar er ya da geç başarıya ulaşacaklardır.
A) People who work diligently and regularly
will eventually become successful.
B) Those with a diligent and regular study
habit will achieve success sooner or later.
C) Having a diligent and regular study habit
is essential if one is aiming for success.
D) Success depends very much on whether
a person works diligently and regularly.
E) People who are in the habit of working
diligently and regularly will naturally be
very successful.

39. İnsanlar tutumlarını esaslı bir şekilde
değiştirmezlerse çevreye verilen zarar

A) As a consequence of people’s inconsiderate
attitudes,  enviromental problems are getting
B) If people continue with their ruthless
destruction of the enviroment, the
problems will become irreversible.
C) Unless people change their attitudes
radically, the damage caused to the
enviroment will increase.
D) A radical change in people’s attitude is
essential if the damage to the
enviroment is to be stopped.
E) So as to prevent enviromental damage
from becoming too serious, people
should significantly alter their attitude.

40. Değişimlerin akıl almaz bir hızla
gerçekleştiği dünyamızda kuşak
çatışması kaçınılmazdır.

A) The gap between generations stems
from the fact that changes ocur so
fast in our world.
B) The generation gap is an inevitable
consequence of incredibly fast changes
in our world.
C) The rapid changes in our world
inevitably cause a generation gap.
D) A gap between generations is only
natural due to the speed of changes in
our world.
E) A generation gap is inevitable in our
world, where changes take place at an
incredible speed.

Preposition and Preposition pharases

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