Subjunctive Mood

Subjunctive Mood

 Subjunctive Mood Hakkında Açıklama


 1  –  Ielts Sınavı ( Ielts Sınavı için birebir Özel Ders )
2 –  Ielts Sınavı ( Ielts Sınavı için 4 kişilik Grup Dersi )

The subjunctive arzu,umut,şüphe,tavsiyeler ifade etmek için kullanılan fiil formlarından biridir.Present (şimdi),past(geçmiş),mişli geçmiş olarak ifade edilebilirler.Ielts sınavı gibi akademik seviyede ki bir sınavda sık sık karşınıza çıkma olasılığı olan bu yapıyı sizlere sunuyoruz.


The subjunctive is one of the verb forms used to express wishes, hopes, doubt, supposition, recommendation, etc. Subjunctive statements may be in the present, past or past perfect tense, hence they are named the present subjunctive, past subjunctive and the past perfect subjunctive.

The Present Subjunctive

1 ) The present subjunctive expresses a wish or prayer in some set expressions :

Heaven help us.
Heaven forbid that.
God bless you !
God forgive you.
May God help us ! 

2 ) In the present the subjunctive is used after some expressions.

It is better desirable   that everybody  have a good education (formal)
our wish

= It is better for everybody to have a good education.
= It is better that everybody should have a good education.

3 ) After some verbs which express a wish fort he future.

The doctor demanded that the patient stop  smoking.

= The doctor demanded that the patient should stop smoking.

4 ) after lest ( = for fear that ) :
Every family protects their child lest / for fear that he / she develop any bad habits.

= Every family protects their child so that he / she wont develop any bad habits.

As seen in the examples above, the simple forms of the verbs ( without to or –s ) have been used although the subjects of the sentences are the third person singular.
NOTE : Although grammatically correct, lest is very unnatural in everyday English.
So For fear that or in case are used instead.
We use the past subjunctive to express unreal situations in the presen tor regret at the present time : 

1 ) In conditional clauses :
If I were in authority, I would give enough credit to the students in need so that they can study as much as they want. ( But I’m not in authority )

2 ) After some expressions :
a . I wish
I wish I were a doctor.

= I want to be a doctor but I’m not a doctor.

b . as if / as though :
A future teller speaks as if she knew all the secrets of the future.

c . It is time / It is about time / It is high time :
Iıt is time we had lunch.

= It is time to have lunch.

d . I’d rather / sooner :

I’d rather you studied medicine.
= I want you to study medicine.

e. Suppose that :
Supposing that is used in making a supposition about a possible situation or action relating to the future or the past : 

Suppose / supposing that you crashed the car, what would you tell your parents ?

f. If only ( = I wish ) :

If only is used to express a strong wish about the present or the past generally without a main clause : 
If only there werent the problem of unemployment.
= I wish there werent / wasnt the problem of unemployment.


Subjunctive Mood