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 1  –  Ielts Sınavı ( Ielts Sınavı için birebir Özel Ders )
2 –  Ielts Sınavı ( Ielts Sınavı için 4 kişilik Grup Dersi )

Ielts Sınavında Başarı Sağlamak

Yeterli Skoru Elde Etmek İçin
Ielts Akademik Eğitim


1-25. soularda, cümlede boş bırakılan
yerlere uygun düşen sözcük ya da
ifadeyi bulunuz.


1. Michael has two sisters, one of whom is
older and …… younger.

A) other
B) others
C) another
D) the others
E) the other


2. The hardly apple flourishes over …….
parts of the Earth …….. any other fruit


A) so many / that
B) the most / for
C) as much / as
D) more / than
E) too few / for

3. Having put on their best dresses fort he
party, the little girls looked admiringly at
……… in the mirror.

A) another
B) themselves
C) their
D) any other
E) them

4. These scarfs are ……. nice but ……. Seems
to be the right colour for my suit.


A) both / neither
B) not only / also
C) all / hardly
D) either /all
E) whole / both
5. The campsite was about three miles
away, according to ……. map, so the
group still had a long walk ahead of
……. .

A) it /itself
B) theirs / its own
C) their / them
D) themselves / it
E) itself / theirs

6. I’ve seen …….. of his work to know that
he’s ready for a promotion.


A) a number
B) both
C) enough
D) several
E) a few

7. I don’t like staying with my aunt
because she disapproves of ……
I do and won’t let me go …… by myself.


A) nothing / nobody
B) everywhere / anything
C) something / everywhere
D) somewhere / nowhere
E) everything / anywhere

8. Do you think we will have enough time
after ……. Conference to have …… look
around the city?


A) the / a
B) a / a
C) the / the
D) a / the
E) — / —

9. Although I haven’t seen Sally since we
left school five years ago, we’ve been in
contact with …… via the telephone and


A) another
B) any more
C) no longer
D) each other
E) ourselves

10. He drinks …… strong cups of coffee
every day ……. it’s a wonder how he
can sleep at night.

A) a few / of
B) enough / for
C) less / than
D) as much / as
E) so many / that



12. Marketing research is ……. Expensive
undertaking, and its costs are built into
……. Prices of products.
A) — / —
B) an / the
C) the / —
D) the / some
E) the / any

13. I’m going to buy ……. hose pipe because
I’m tired of washing ……. car using …..

A) the / a / —
B) — / a / the
C) a / a / the
D) the / the / —
E) a / the / a

14. …….. I was going to suggest was that
we should hold our meetings at a more
convenient time.


A) Every
B) Each
C) Both
D) All
E) The whole

15. I hope we haven’t invited …… people to
welcome them all properly.

A) lots of
B) plenty of
C) so few
D) so much
E) too many

16. John and Jeff had …….. promised to come
here today, but ……. has arrived so far.

A) none / both
B) also / none
C) either / some
D) all / no
E) both / neither

17. A few relatives of ……. are going tos tay
with …… over the weekend.

A) his / them
B) them / me
C) mine / I
D) him / theirs
E) her / us

18. None of …….. should become involved in
the quarrel between those two.

A) her
B) they
C) you
D) we
E) him

19. Arizona State in the US is very hot, but
there is usually only ……. humidity, so it
is not too pleasant.

A) several
B) a little
C) most
D) few
E) much

20. …….. scientists have called …… human
brain the most complex machine in the
known universe.

A) Some / the
B) All / much
C) Another / some
D) Many / all
E) Every / a


21. A world map shows that there is twice
……. land in the Northern Hemisphere
…… south of the equator.

A) a few more / than
B) so many / that
C) too little / from
D) as much / as
E) so far / to

22. Skimming, or scanning, is a method of
partial reading to get specific information
without going through …… passage
line by line.

A) a whole
B) all
C) both
D) most
E) the rest

23. My twin sisters are identical in …….. detail,
except that Elizabeth is a little taler than

A) all
B) most
C) every
D) neither
E) none

24. They only delivered ……. our order today,
but they will bring the rest tomorrow.

A) both
B) half
C) some
D) each
E) most

25. If we don’t get ……… bookings, we’ll have
to cancel the trip.

A) any longer
B) much more
C) no longer
D) a little more
E) a few more

26-30. sorularda, verilen cümleyi uygun
şekilde tamamlayan ifadeyi bulunuz.

26. …… ; however, hardly any of them
stayed until the end.

A) There weren’t many students in the
B) My wife and I went to the opera last
C) The topic of the lecture was not very
D) Quite a few people attended the
E) The ending of the film was dissappointing.

27. This design seems to be the most
suitable ….. .

A) than all the others available in the shops
around here
B) out of all thosewe have been shown so
C) that we should proceed with the
production right away
D) as the other one was a bit out of fashion
E) just like the others we have already seen.

28. ……., neither of which was very
appropriate for my qualifications.

A) Both children looked at me gratefully
B) I had two job offers upon graduation
C) There were several companies which
I could apply to
D) Both Sally and Nancy have invited me
to their parties
E) I couldn’t have bought the car without
the money my parents gave me

29. ……. , few people know his real name
was Marion Morrison.

A) Since John Wayne made numerous
famous Westerns
B) If his films have entertained people all
over the world
C) While everybody knows the famous
actor John Wayne
D) The fact that John Wayne was nicknamed
‘the Duke’
E) When John Wayne changed his name
for acting

30. ……., whereas this one is better for

A) At the end of this course, you will be
presented with a certificate
B) Text books are designed for different
learning situations.
C) Aylin studied Turkish Literature at
İstanbul University
D) This book is meant to be used in group
E) You are planning to study on your own




31-34. sorularda, verilen cümleye
anlamca en yakın olan cümleyi bulunuz.

31. The proposal was eventually agrred
with many more voting for it than
against it.


A) The proposal was finally accepted by
quite a large majority.
B) In the end, those who voted for
the proposal won by a small magrin
C) Finally, most members agreed to put
the suggestion to a vote.
D) From the discussions, it appeared that
the majority were still against the
E) Despite fierce opposition, the proposal
was eventually accepted.

32. Lake Biva, in central Honshu, is the
largest of the few lakes that Japan has.

A) Only a few of Japan’s lakes are
located in central Honshu, and Lake
Biwa is the biggest of them.
B) Japan does not have many lakes, and
of the ones it has, Lake Biwa, located
in central Honshu is the biggest
C) Whereas Japan has only a few lakes,
there are many in central Honshu, the
biggest of which is Lake Biwa.
D) Japan has few lakes which are as
large as Lake Biva in central Honshu.
E) Most of the lakes Japan has are
located in central Honshu, and among
them, Lake Biwa is the largest.

33. There was not even one person in the
audience who wasn’t fascinated by the
dancer’s performance.

A) Some members of the audience distinctly
disliked the dancer’s performance.
B) Only one person in the audience disliked
the dancer’s performance, but the rest
really enjoyed it.
C) The dancer’s performance seemed to
capture the attention of most of the
D) The dancer’s performance was found
excellent by everyonein the audience.
E) Except for one person, none of the
audience was really captivated by the
dancer’s performance.

34. In order to achieve success, you
should definitely put in more effort.

A) If only you had worked harder, you
might have been a success.
B) Unless you put forth more effort,
you will only achieve a moderate success.
C) There is no way you will get ahead
unless you decide to work for it.
D) The effort you make is certainly not
enough for you to attain success.
E) You should have worked harder if you
wanted to be successful.

35-37. sorularda, verilen İngilizce
cümleye anlamca en yakın Türkçe
cümleyi bulunuz.

35. All living things, plant or animal,need
vitamins for health,growth and reproduction.

A) Tüm bitki ve hayvanların sağlık,
büyüme ve üreme için en çok ihtiyaç
duydukları şey vitaminlerdir.
B) Bitki ya da hayvan olsun , bütün
canlıların sağlık , büyüme ve üreme için
vitaminlere ihtiyacı vardır.
C) Vitaminler, bitki ve hayvan gibi tüm
canlılarda sağlıklı büyüme ve üremeyi sağlar.
D) Vitaminler, bitki ya da hayvan olsun,
bütün canlılarda sağlıklı büyüme ve
üreme için en gerekli şeydir.
E) Bitki ya da hayvan, bütün canlıların
sağlıklı büyümesi ve üremesi gerekli
vitaminleri almasıyla mümkündür.

36. Selfishness not only hurts others, it
also does harm to the person himself.

A) Bencillik sadece başkalarını incitmekle
kalmaz, kişinin kendisine de zarar verir
B) Bencil bir insan başkalarına olduğu kadar

kendine de zarar vermektedir.
C) Bencil birinin çevresindekileri incittiği
doğrudur ama bundan kendisi de zarar
D) Bencillik başakalarına olduğundan daha
çok kişinin kendisine zarar vermektedir.
E) Hem kişinin kendisini hem de çevresindekileri
inciten bencillik zararlı bir özelliktir.

37. His genius for music can’t be hereditary,
as no one else in the family has any
talent for music.

A) Ailede hiç kimsenin müzikle ilgilenmediği
göz önüne alınırsa , onun müzik yeteneğinin
kalıtımsal olması mümkün değildir.
B) Onun müzikteki başarısının kalıtımsal
olduğunu söyleyebilmek için ailedeki
diğer bireylerin müzikle ilgisine
bakmak gerekir.
C) Ailede başka hiç kimsenin müziğe karşı
bir yeteneği olmadığı halde onun bir
müzik dehası olması inanılmaz.
D) Onun müziğe olan yeteneğinin aileden
gelmediği ailede başka hiç kimsenin
müzikle uğraşmamasından bellidir.
E) Onun müzikteki dehası kalıtımsal olamaz
çünkü ailede başka hiç kimsenin müziğe
karşı bir yeteneği yok.

38-40. sorularda, verilen Türkçe
cümleye anlamca en yakın İngilizce
cümleyi bulunuz.


38. Pek çok iş kolunda makinelar, büyük
bir işgücüne duyulan gereksinimi
önemli ölçüde azaltmıştır.

A) The grater the number of machines
used in an industry, the smaller the
number of labourers needed.
B) Large labour forces are no longer
required in many industries as they
have been replaced by machines.
C) Machines have significantly reduced
the need for a large labour force in
many industries.
D) A large reduction in the labour force in
many industries was brought about by
the use of machines.
E) Due to the increase in the use of
machinery , a large labour force is no
longer necessary in many industries

39. Finlandiya Hollanda’nın on katı
büyüklüğünde olduğu halde, nüfusu
onunkinin üçte biri kadardır.

A) Despite having a population ten times
that of the Netherlands, Finland is only
one – third as big.
B) Finland’s population is three times as
big as the Netherland’s but it is also
ten times the size of it.
C) Even though the Netherlands is only
one-tenth the size of Finland, it has a
population three times as large.
D) Although Finland is about ten times the
size of the Netherlands, its population
is only about one-third as large.
E) In spite of its population being only
one-third that of the Netherlands,
Finland is ten times as big.

40. Uçak kazasının nedenlerine ilişkin pek

çok teori ileri sürüldü ama hiçbiri

A) Many theories have been put forward
as to the causes of the plane crash,
but none have ever been proved.
B) All of the theories which have been put
forward about the causes of the plane crash
are yet to be provided.
C) A lot of people have formed theories

as to the causes of the plane crash,
yet they all remained unproved.
D) None of the theories which were
developed about the causes of the
plane crash have been proved yet.
E) No one believes that theories
which were put forward after the plane
crash will ever be proved.